Here's how we got in to the business...

We wanted to provide our local community with a place, a comfort zone to play and be somewhat carefree. We are parents first and know that any good parent takes the most joy out of their kids smiles and happiness.

We started in the family entertainment business with our company Game Rollers Game Trucks, providing mobile gaming solutions and video game parties in a fun and comfortable environment. It was a huge success, what we found is that the community is hungry for experiences that are fun and safe and of course kids love video games!

We bring to you Game Rollers Play House, the 2020's Arcade. We have the latest and greatest home gaming systems and simulators. No need to rush out and buy the systems and accessories spending $1000's before you even buy the games. You can't run down to Block Buster and rent the latest systems for the weekend and 2 games, grab a pizza and do the 90's game party sleepover any more.... well now you can find that hideaway you used to have for your kids. Welcome to Game Rollers Play House!

Bring a pizza and the kids, lets hang out.

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